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So I've heard fairly awful...terrible, of the new The Last Airbender (TLA) movie.  I had so hoped it would be a good movie, even with the bad choices regarding casting.  Sadly, it appears that this movie is not watchable at all.  ~le sigh~  Which means I doubt I'll want to subject myself to going to the theater to watch it. 

Ironically, the last thing I saw in the theater was James Cameron's Avatar movie, which of course, is the reason that the "avatar" word was dropped from TLA.  And of course, I watched that in 3D and came out of the theater with the most excruciating headache I'd had in a very long time.  I guess extreme nearsightedness and 3D don't get along very well.

On the up side, the movie soundtrack to TLA by James Newton Howard is *gloriously and gorgeously wonderful*.  I think it may be my new favorite music for the next while.  For the last few months, the Merlin soundtracks had taken precedence over anything, but the TLA soundtrack.....oh, wow!  Yummy, yummy, delightful movie music.  it's a pity the movie doesn't live up to its grandness.

And, no, still no writing being done.  Sorry.  I have a few plans, but I've been lazy.  And my brain has been absorbed (distracted) by the UST that is Arthur/Guinevere in Merlin.  I so wish I could write romantic fic.....but severe lack of first-hand knowledge makes that difficult, at best...



Stay tuned later today for a fic update (finally)....heh.  Over the past two nights, I finally got around to writing the next section after much internal debate about where to start and from whose perspective I should write it.  After editing it last night, I finally stopped picking at it and sent it off to my two readers.  So this evening, I should be posting it.

Also, for those of you who check the Library, I will be hopefully updating that tonight as well, trying out the new system.  Keep your fingers crossed!

One more hour of work to go....
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Finished and sent off a quilt for my sister - 'Purple Meadow Sunshine' - mostly my purple and yellow scraps (Lakers colors).  I did it as a surprise, so I'm hoping she likes it.

I am now working on binding another scrap quilt which I've named 'Flowers and Candy'.  Not certain what I'm going to do with it yet....  Now complete as of 3/20/10.

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doctor who

This should be one of those "you know you're watching too much Doctor Who" moments....

At the university I work at, I help staff a committee which takes through various changes in names and creation of departments/divisions and such.  In the meeting this week, a division is going through, the name of which made me *immediately* think of Doctor Who.  The name has since already changed a bit, but it was originally to be called the 'division of molecular regeneration'.  Heh. 



Finished this last weekend and just finally got around to downloading the pics - quilted version of 'Memory Boxes'.  I'm planning to send it to a cousin for her upcoming birthday.

Just got back about an hour ago from a retreat at my boss' house for the small leadership group.  Long, long day, even if I mostly just sat and took notes/minutes.  I feel tireder than I normally would.  Of course, the half-hour drive to get to his place might have something to do with it....
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