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fic update without fic

It is sometimes a good thing to be a bit stuck on how to proceed with a fic.  I've always know *what* I want to do in the next scene of Laud and Tarnish...  I've just had a hard time figuring out *how* to do it.  I've actually been pondering how to start the scene for a few weeks now and nothing had struck me as quite right.

This evening, in the shower -- which always seems to be a good place for the muse to strike (probably because it's the only time during the day my mind really gets to free associate) -- a thought occurred which I think will work well...or at least I hope it will.  I think it's kinda cool.  But that could just be me.  Hopefully I'll be able to translate it well into writing.

Sadly, I do have to work most of this weekend, but Monday itself is a holiday, so perhaps.....

Off to write down some thoughts in my plot so I don't forget the!  The horror!

EDIT: An hour later...I have a bit more than notes...more like a very rough first draft.  Heh.  I'm *so* going to regret being up this late tomorrow at work...

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