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dw squee

I am so, so, so, so very glad I decided to get digital cable finally so I could watch Doctor Who the night it airs (rather than 3 days later after getting a episode copy from a friend).  Tonight's episode, "The Doctor's Wife," has got to be one of the VERY BEST DW episodes.  Ever.  I'll definitely be rewatching it least once...maybe twice.  I know it's my favorite thus far of Eleven's episodes and maybe all of the new series to boot.  I don't know how anyone can say that Matt Smith doesn't do justice to the Doctor's character - every episode I see just proves more and more (to me) that TPTB knew what they were doing when they cast him.  Every scene in this  And I simply adore Amy/Rory - which probably means Bad Things Are Coming down the line.

Can't wait to talk about this episode with my friend from work who watches this series -- once she gets back from vacation and is able to catch up.  Granted, she really didn't start watching until Ten's last episode, and even though I think she's seen most of Nine and Ten's episodes now, she probably won't get the same glee as I did upon seeing the "old console room."

Someone please let Neil Gaiman write another episode?  Soon?

Between the internal squeeing my brain is (still!) doing over DW and the joy I'm having while reading the latest Miles Vorkosigan novel, Cryoburn ... Yet another series of books I really must get around to re-reading somewhere down the line.  In addition to all the Liaden novels.

In any case, the plans I had for possibly writing tonight have kinda vanished.  Maybe I can reclaim some of the creative space tomorrow.  :-)
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