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Fic: Laud and Tarnish 20/?

....And *only* a year later, I get a new part to writing exercise (HA!) finally written. 



Just a reminder, several pieces of the story, from part eleven forward have changed, so you may want to reread or skim at least from there.  Most of the changes revolve around Jim's injuries being lightened and altered as to their cause.  This is the third draft of this section - last night's NCIS episode was particularly helpful in finding the right ... voice.  :-)  I hope it works.

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Disclaimers: TS belongs to Paramount/Pet Fly. NCIS belongs to Paramount/Belisarius.

Laud and Tarnish - TS/NCIS crossover




“--still can’t believe that happened.  I mean, really, the odds are just....”  Abby had both hands clamped around one of McGee’s arms, forcing them to lock-step their way out of the elevator when the doors opened.  She released one hand briefly to wave it randomly in the air before pulling tight to McGee again.  “...well, they’re just *odd.*”


From behind them, Tony exchanged a half-smirk with Ziva as she twitched a finger towards McGee’s hand which he kept flexing.  *Ah, the boa constrictor grip of Abby-in-panic-mode.  So very familiar.* They followed the pair out, heading towards their desks.  *Not that Tim seems to be complaining or anything...*


“Tony, do you want--“  Whatever question Tim had planned to ask vanished as Abby yanked him away from the bullpen.  “Hey!”


“I need a Caf-Pow!  And chocolate!  You’re buying, Timmy.”


Tony waved a hand at Tim as Abby dragged him, stumbling, away.  “Gibbs asked me to take care of it, McGee.  Go make her happy.”  He heard Abby’s low chuckle as they disappeared around a corner, and added as an afterthought.  “But not too happy!”


Laughing and shaking her head, Ziva settled behind her desk, sliding her gun into a drawer.  “Does Abby really need any more caffeine?”


Tony shrugged as he moved behind his desk, eyes passing over the imperiously blinking message light on his phone and the abandoned cases files from just hours earlier.  *Feels like so long ago.  What was the case about again?*  The adrenaline and worry over their favorite forensics scientist and then the mystery ‘super-cop’ had pushed their current case out of instant recall.  “Gibbs builds boats, Abby drinks Caf-Pow.”


“I do not think I want to know what you do.”


Forcing a quiet laugh, he swung his backpack off his shoulder and put away his gun before dropping into his chair.  *Long morning.*  “You sure about that, Zee-vah?” He winked at her over the top of his monitor as he logged in and called up his browser to do a number search.  *Cascade, Washington...police department...*


Ziva’s only response was a teasing “ha!” in return.


A few moments later, Tony found the number he needed and picked up his receiver as he started to dial.


“Who are you calling?”  Ziva glanced at him as she moved rapidly through her email inbox.


“Gibbs asked me to contact Ellison’s captain.  I think he figured Sandburg--  Oh, hi, could I have Major Crime, please? Thank you.”  He covered the mouthpiece.  “Sandburg was busy with his partner.”


“Unusually polite for Gibbs.”


Tony hmmed in response, then returned his attention to the phone as a woman’s voice caught his attention.


*”Major Crime.  Captain Simon Banks’ office.  This is Rhonda.”*


Tony smiled reflexively as Ziva came over to sit on the corner of his desk to hear what she could of the conversation.  “Hello, Rhonda, this is Agent Anthony DiNozzo from NCIS in Washington, DC.  I was asked to give Captain Banks a call on behalf of Detective Ellison.”


Her voice changed, enough that Tony could hear the edge of anxiety in it.  *”Agent DiNozzo, I’ll put you through to Captain Banks.”* Ziva’s raised eyebrow told him said she could hear the same emotion.


A click, then man’s voice came over the line.  *”This is Captain Banks.”*


The gruff, commanding echo over the line sent Tony straight up out of his slouch before he could stop himself.   A muffled snort from Ziva earned her a glare, which she ignored, of course.  He cleared his throat and focused his attention on the conversation.  “Captain Banks, I’m glad I was able to reach you.”


*“Has something happened to Detective Ellison or Dr. Sandburg?*


Tony instinctively shook his head.  “No, not at all.  My boss, Agent Gibbs, was concerned that your man, Blair Sandburg, would not remember to contact you.  Detective Ellison is currently recovering though I believe he is still unconscious.  Dr. Sandburg is with him.”


He heard a deep sigh over the phone, then Banks responded.  *“Thank you.  Sandburg did forget to call, though it’s understandable.”* A pause, then he asked, *“What interest does NCIS have with the bank robbery?  I thought the FBI was handling it.”*


Tony glanced up as McGee and Abby (the latter clutching and slurping noisily at an extra-large Caf-Pow) came around the corner and stopped in front of Tony’s desk. 


“They are.  One of our people happened to be inside when it happened, so we ... invited ourselves to the party to make sure she was okay.”


Abby swallowed and pulled the straw from her mouth.  “Is that Blair and Jim’s captain, their friend, Simon?”


Tony nodded even as he listened to Banks’ reply.


*“I see.  Is there any more you can tell me about what happened?  Sandburg gave me only the short version - bank robbery, guns, Jim injured, bad guys lost.”*


“Unfortunately, Captain, the cameras were disabled, so there is no footage available.  However, I could inquire with Agent Gibbs about sending you the written statements from the witnesses.”  He hesitated for a moment, then pushed on, his curiosity about Ellison greater than the questioning stares and listening ears of his teammates.  “Our team was part of the FBI task force that went inside during the last moments and everything I saw tells me that Detective Ellison is quite...”


Abby interrupted him, just a bit loudly.  “A super-cop.”


McGee hissed, “Abby!”


Tony winced, regretting not making this call from a more private location, especially when he saw Palmer and Ducky appear at the far edge of the bullpen, beyond McGee’s desk.  On the up side, as soon as Abby spotted them, she shoved her Ca-Pow cup into McGee’s chest and bounced away to hug-attack both of them, already babbling about odds and super-cops. 


Expertly grabbing the cup without any spillage, McGee shared a fond smile with Tony, then followed to join Abby and the two MEs as Ducky started asking about Abby’s health. 


Though one side of Ziva’s mouth twitched at Abby’s caffeine-enhanced state of mind, her attention never shifted from Tony’s phone call.  Her eyes remained on his as she listened to his half of the conversation and Banks’ voice which rang clearly over the line.


He then realized that Banks hadn’t said anything in response to the Abby’s obviously-heard comment.  “Captain Banks?”


*“I’m here.”* Surprisingly there was a hint of mirth in his tone, along with a hesitance.  *“I’m trying to decide how Jim and Blair will react to that term.”*


*He’s deflecting.* As he debated pushing the issue, Tony raised an eyebrow in question at Ziva.  *Should I ask?* She tilted her head to one side, then shook it once in a negative.


Withholding a sigh, Tony let the deflection pass.  “That was Abby, our forensics scientist.  She was inside the bank and apparently has already claimed both your men as friends.  Something about borrowing a pen from Dr. Sandburg and then bonding over a discussion on pen designs and ink colors and how they relate to personalities and jobs.”  He frowned and plucked his orange-barreled ‘doodling’ pen from the pen cup on his desk. 


Ziva smirked at him.


Banks actually laughed.  *“That sounds like Sandburg.”* His voice quieted.  *“Thank you again for calling, Agent DiNozzo.  There are quite a few worried people here.  If you happen to see Sandburg again soon, could you please remind him call?”*


“I’ll be sure he gets the message.” 



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