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fic update

A much, much belated fic update...sorta...but no actual fic... After the last posting, I realized I'd written myself into somewhat of a corner in relation to Jim's injuries, according to Dr. Robyn, so I need to do some revising.  Then as usually happens, life distracted me with my workload increasing and getting sucked into reading fic in other fandoms (mostly Merlin and as of late Tron) and being a bit obsessed with quilting.  But I just got through re-reading everything I've written, so hopefully I can sit down and do some revising of previous parts so I can move forward how I'd planned to.  Sadly, no "doctor magic wand" to make bad injuries go away, so I need to figure out something a little less than what I did.

Tags: fic: laud and tarnish
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