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I didn't get to see Tron: Legacy in the theater since I couldn't find it showing in regular 2D (3D gives me a horrid migraine) and so I only just this weekend watched it on blu-ray.  I grew up with the original and Bruce Boxleitner is a favorite actor of mine, so I was looking forward to it quite a lot. 

And I have to say, I was NOT disappointed.  Lovely, entertaining movie.  Maybe a little predictable to me on the "surprises" - but that's only because I have a habit of figuring most things out early on.  I've watched too many Joss Whedon shows - which has made me hard to surprise.

My main quibble was not enough "Bruce as Tron."  I know the movie centered around the Flynns, but still... I wanted Tron.  I'm guessing the ending scenes with Rinzler means a sequel and perhaps we'll see a return to who he should be.  Plus there is an animated series coming up set between the original and Legacy....though not sure how that's supposed to work, considering. well, events as explained in the movie.

Oh, and the score!!!  I loved it so much that I pretty much immediately purchased it.  Some really great music - soft and angsty and hard and action-packed and all sorts.  I love the Adagio for Tron the most at the moment.  Gorgeous stuff.

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