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Fic: Laud and Tarnish 19/?

Yes, yes, more....about time, I know....sorry.



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Disclaimers: TS belongs to Paramount/Pet Fly. NCIS belongs to Paramount/Belisarius.

Laud and Tarnish - TS/NCIS crossover


Fresh non-hospital coffee in hand, Gibbs stabbed at the elevator call button and took a swallow of the caffeine-laden beverage.  The events of the afternoon replayed in snapshots in his head, shuffling automatically as he worked to fill in the missing pieces.  Even though the bank case was not theirs, one of his people had been involved which imposed a sense of ownership regardless of jurisdiction.

He reminded himself - again - that Abby was fine.  Thanks to an out-of-town police officer and his partner.

Gibbs reviewed the doctor’s comments when he’d appeared in the waiting room.  The news had been good, better than expected.


“....quite lucky, actually.  One bullet grazed his right shoulder, the other his left thigh.”  The doctor spoke calmly, focusing mostly on Sandburg who had stood up to meet the doctor as soon as he’d said ‘Ellison.’

Gibbs didn’t try to stop Abby who shot up and over to Sandburg to stand next to him, hands gripped tightly around his upper arm.  The rest of them stood but remained by the couches, listening quietly as the doctor continued.

“Barring anything unforeseen, he should recover with no complications.”

Sandburg’s entire frame nearly folded in on itself as he swayed momentarily towards Abby.  “He went down so fast.  I wasn’t sure...”  His voice tapered off in unspoken words.

The doctor reached out to grasp his opposite shoulder, squeezing it firmly.  “He’ll be fine.”


Frowning at the glowing elevator button, Gibbs punched the ‘up’ call button a second time.  His muttering garnered a stern look from the older woman at the nearby hospital information desk.  Lifting a hand in apology, he took another swallow of coffee and glared at the floor indicator slowly ticking down to the lobby.

Before getting coffee, he’d sent his team back to the office, claiming they didn’t need to stay.  His three agents had raised a collective eyebrow at his non-verbalized plan to check up on their new friends from Cascade.  Abby had just smiled.  And told him to tell Blair hello for her.

Gibbs admitted to himself that he was curious about them.  He also hoped to at least be able to thank Ellison when he woke.  Not only for Abby’s life but for the lives of the hostages in the bank.  He’d scanned through the early witness reports as well as reading Abby’s own statement and had been impressed with what he’d read about Ellison’s response to the situation.

Sandburg, however...  He couldn’t determine how Sandburg fit into the puzzle.

The elevator dinged its arrival and he stepped inside, pushing the appropriate floor button.  As the doors closed, Gibbs caught the watching eyes of the information desk volunteer again, and he smiled.  His smile widened slightly at the resulting fluster.

Another swallow of coffee as the elevator rose and additional comments from the doctor flitted through his mind.


“...I admit to some concern about reports of how quickly he became unconscious for no apparent reason,” the doctor added.  “But after I was able to speak briefly with Detective Ellison’s physician in Cascade who filled me in on recent ... events,” the doctor paused again, casting uncertain glances at the NCIS team, “well, I suspect he ‘went down so fast’ as you say due to his existing condition - physical and mental exhaustion.”

Gibbs exchanged a wry glance with Tony - they could definitely identify with someone who pushed himself beyond his limits to catch bad guys and obtain justice for victims.

“Jim will need...  I need to...  When can I see him?”  Sandburg’s voice still sounded oddly anxious despite the doctor’s good news.

“I understand.  In a few minutes.”  The doctor seemed unsurprised by the request.  “The nurses are settling him into recovery right now.”

Gibbs blinked in surprise.  *That’s definitely not standard.*

Abby finally gave into her desire to hug Sandburg, pressing her lips against his cheek.  Gibbs heard a muffled, “Okay to come by tomorrow?” from her and saw the responding nod from Sandburg before she released him.

Sandburg turned back briefly to face the team.  “Thanks for helping Jim.  And staying with me.”

Gibbs just nodded silently and watched as the doctor led Sandburg back to the entryway.  As they left, he heard the doctor speak in a confidential tone.  “I wanted to also thank you for your notes about the detective’s drug sensitivities.  We had a few interesting moments... the advance warning...”  They disappeared, taking the suddenly intriguing conversation with them.


In the shadows of the partially open door to Ellison’s private room, Gibbs leaned against the doorjamb, eyeing Sandburg where he sat in a chair positioned on the opposite side of the bed (*trained not to have his back to the door*).  His head rested on the bed next to Ellison’s hip, one arm stretched across to grasp the injured man’s far hand.

From their breathing, both were asleep.

His first thought was *That can’t be comfortable.*

He second thought involved narrowed eyes at the intimate pose.  *Lovers?* He shook his head.  *No.  Abby would’ve seen that and said something to me.  Something more than just partners, though.*

As Gibbs debated leaving his card, Sandburg shifted and took a deep breath, coughing once as he raised himself up to meet the agent’s gaze from across the room.  Gibbs didn’t fail to notice that Sandburg casually shifted his hand-holding to the closer of Ellison’s hands as he resettled himself in the hard hospital chair, not seeming the least bit embarrassed.


“Agent Gibbs?”



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