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Fic: Laud and Tarnish 16/?



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Disclaimers: TS belongs to Paramount/Pet Fly. NCIS belongs to Paramount/Belisarius.

Laud and Tarnish - TS/NCIS crossover


“So, Simon is...?”

Across the nearly empty surgery waiting room, McGee glanced up from his notes on the bank robbery, as told to him by Abby prior to finding Sandburg.  After that, she’d sent him for coffee and tea while she went outside with Sandburg to make a call.  He’d rejoined them in the third floor surgery waiting room and was mildly surprised that Abby had stayed quiet long enough for Sandburg’s tea to stop steaming.

“Simon?”  Sandburg’s voice was hazy and he blinked a few times.  “Simon Banks.  He’s our captain.  Jim’s friend.”

Abby touched his arm.  “Your friend too?”

Sandburg smiled.  “I don’t know that you could actually get him to verbally admit that without being under oath, but yes.  A good friend.”

“You said you and Jim are partners.”  Abby pursed her lips.  “How is that possible?  You said you’re a teacher.”

“I am.  It’s a bit...complicated.”

McGee’s eyebrows shot up and he quickly shifted away from his notes on his PDA to doing an internet search on James Ellison, Cascade, Washington.  The first thing to appear was a news article from that very morning, detailing the successful efforts of the Major Crime division in finding and stopping a serial killer who had abducted and murdered five children over a two-month period.  Ellison’s name featured prominently in the article with words like ‘sole focus’, ‘above and beyond’, ‘attended every funeral’, and ‘grateful thanks from all the families of the victims’ attached.  Sandburg’s name appeared alongside Ellison’s, lauded by the families and Ellison’s fellow officers, and listed as a teacher at Rainier University, a police consultant, and Ellison’s partner for several years.

But definitely not a cop himself.


“Abby!”  Gibbs’ voice rang through the room, jarring all three of them to look at the doorway where Gibbs entered, Tony and Ziva right behind him.

“Gibbs!”  In a flash, Abby bounced to her feet and dashed across the room, throwing her arms around Gibbs in a tight hug.

Sandburg stayed where he was, moving only to set his cooling tea on a side table before his eyes drifted back to half-mast.  McGee hadn’t missed the dark circles or the way his clothes didn’t quite fit him properly.  He looked back at the article on his PDA and made a face.  Makes sense now.  A child killer hunt for two months.  Even Gibbs--

“Researching your next book, McGemcity?”

Standing, McGee handed his PDA to Tony and inclined his head towards Sandburg.  “Reading up on our guests.”  Ziva stepped up to Tony’s side and they both paged quickly through the article, faces growing hard at the crimes committed and satisfied at the justice done to the villain.

Ziva hissed.  “He got away too softly.”

“Got off easy.  And yes, he did.”  Tony said absently as he returned McGee’s PDA.  “Still doesn’t explain why Ellison and Sandburg are in DC.”

“Blair got word of a friend’s death yesterday late morning.”  Abby joined them, Gibbs at her side.  “He and Jim are out here to meet with that friend’s lawyer per his will.”  She sighed softly.  “Earlier, he also said something about just finishing a tough case involving kids.  It’s why he’s so tired.”

McGee watched Gibbs’ eyes flicker towards Sandburg, watching him apparently doze in the semi-padded waiting room chair.  His boss’s eyes came back to him, expecting him to already know the answer to his question.  “What case?”

Hesitating only a moment, McGee summarized the news article since he knew Gibbs wouldn’t want to read it on the screen.  “Ellison and Sandburg just closed a two-month investigation into a serial killer in Cascade.”  He glanced at Abby, then pushed onward.  “Five children all under the age of eight, brutalized and murdered.  They found him just before he could kill the sixth.  He was shot dead by SWAT.” 

Abby raised a hand to cover her mouth.

Gibbs didn’t say anything, though McGee saw the anger snap through his eyes.

Lifting the PDA, he concluded, “From the dates in this article and Abby’s information, there couldn’t have been more than a half-day between the case ending and the news of this death bringing them out here.”



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