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Fic: Laud and Tarnish 13/?



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Disclaimers: TS belongs to Paramount/Pet Fly.  NCIS belongs to Paramount/Belisarius.

Laud and Tarnish - TS/NCIS crossover


Ziva slowly lowered her gun a second time as the man Gibbs held stopped fighting and apologized.  At her side, Tony relaxed his stance as well, breathing out in a rush.  Abby straightened from behind McGee’s protective arm, responding to Gibbs’ query about her well-being before moving on to introductions.

“Blair, this is my boss, ‘Don’t Call Me Leroy’ -- Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS.”  Her voice shook as she spoke, though she was recovered enough to grin at Gibbs’ expected look for the ‘Leroy’ reference.

The man - Blair - nodded sharply before returning his attention to his... partner?  Ziva frowned.  What did Gibbs mean?

Abby filled in the answer before it could be asked.  “Jim’s a cop, Gibbs.  But like a super-cop.  He knew something was up before it was up.  Like you do, Gibbs.  But different.”

Ziva wondered if she was the only one to note the quick glance from Blair at that statement.  His partner has been shot and he is worried about what Abby says?  His eyes met hers before he returned to carefully watching the EMTs prepare Jim for transport.

“It was just him against all those bad guys.  And then that little boy....  Jim just...  Whoosh!”  Abby gestured grandly with her hands.  “He just--  He saved him.  And then the phone rang and everything got crazy after that.”

Ziva blurted out, “There was a child involved?”

Before anyone could respond, the EMTs stood as they lifted the injured man, now strapped to a backboard, onto a gurney.  Straps were tightened and IVs checked as one of them turned to the group.  “We’re going to Bethesda.  Is someone riding with us?”

Blair moved to the gurney’s side.  “Me.  I’m his partner.  And he has some drug sensitivities you need to know about.”  Ziva watched as he hovered by the unconscious man’s side, hands held tightly away, anguish written quite vividly on his face.  He took a steadying breath and turned back to Gibbs, pointing to the weapon on the ground.  “Agent Gibbs.  That’s Jim’s gun.  Police issue to Detective James Ellison, Major Crimes, Cascade, Washington.”

Gibbs nodded once.  “We’ll take care of it.  McGee, take Abby and follow them.  Get her statement.”  For once, Abby didn’t protest as she and McGee, the latter laden with Abby’s oversized, shiny black purse and an unfamiliar backpack, hurried after the EMTs and their passengers.  Ziva watched them leave then exchanged a look with Tony before both turned to Gibbs. 

Tony asked the obvious question, “So...what is a detective, apparently a super-cop, from Washington state doing here?”

As she holstered her gun, Ziva studied the entire lobby area, noting the discarded purses and jackets scattered on the floor amidst the multitude of bullets and casings.  Several hostages had remained inside during the rush to get outside, either injured or too scared to move.  EMTs and Larssen’s agents were assessing them and getting them outside, away from the three bodies of thieves.  She stopped and looked again, recounting.  Turning back to her team, she said, “Did not Agent Larssen say there were four gunmen seen entering the bank?”

Gibbs did the same headcount of bodies, then grimaced.  “He did.  Either someone miscounted or one of them got away in the panic.  Damnit.”  He strode off towards Larssen’s position at the entrance to the bank where he was speaking with the security guards.

Tony moved around the wooden remains of the table where Jim had lain to stand next to it, then raised his arms, as if shooting, twisting to aim where the three bodies were located.  Ziva watched and shook her head.  “It is unlikely he was standing there the whole time, Tony.”

“I know.”  Tony slowly moved his gun-hand across the bank lobby.  “I’m just getting a feel for the man.”  He paused, then gestured to the weapon on the ground with his opposite hand.  “He had that and barely any cover and managed to take out at least three of the bad guys before going down.  While being shot at with superior firepower.  Maybe he is a super-cop.”

Doubt and disbelief colored her expression.  “Witness statements will be varied and with no cameras, it will be difficult to determine exactly what happened.”  Ziva turned to check on Gibbs.

“He’s still interrogating the guards with Larssen.”  Tony told her.

“You did not even look.”  Ziva narrowed her eyes at him.  “How do you know he is not behind you?”

Intent on what he was doing, Tony only flashed a quick grin.  “Gibbs-radar.”

Ziva growled but then stopped when he abruptly lowered his gun-hand to stare at a spot near the front counter.  She turned to look.  “What?”

“Lots of bullets and no body nearby.  What does that tell you, Zee-vah?”

“That it’s where the missing fourth bank robber was standing.”  Gibbs appeared next to them.  “Brennan, the older security guard, confirmed it.  She thinks he was the ringleader.”

Tony asked, “Did she say anything about Ellison?”

Gibbs replied, “Declared himself coming in.  Showed his badge and she verified it.   Said he was here on personal business.  She also said that she thought his friend, Blair, seemed ... distracted, sad.  And that both of them looked tired.”

“She is rather observant for a security guard.”  Ziva noted. 

“Retired cop.  Disability.”  Was Gibbs’ response.  “Let’s go.  I’ve notified Larssen of Ellison’s weapon and the fact he’s a detective from Washington state.  Until or if a connection is made that involves NCIS, we need to clear out now that Abby’s safe.  Larssen will keep us in the loop if we don’t interfere without cause.”  He turned and headed back to the doors.  Tony fell into place on one side of him.  Ziva hung back a bit, taking in one last glance to memorize the scene for future contemplation.  She listened to Tony ramble as they passed through the doors to the outside.

“So...Ellison and friend are here on personal business from Washington from some little podunk town named Cascade and happen to meet up with Abby at a bank which then gets robbed.  And Ellison, who happens to be a cop and has his gun with him, manages to take down three of the robbers.”  There was a pause and then he continued.  “I’d say something about coincidences and wrong place-wrong time and just dumb luck, but then we’d have to prove me wrong...”

A grin tugged at Ziva’s lips as she saw the inexorable rise of Gibbs’ hand towards the back of Tony’s head.

“...and we all know how much I hate being wr--”




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