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Fic: Laud and Tarnish 10/?

A new part (finally) - this time an NCIS team scene....and a little longer than normal...


previous parts:
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Disclaimers: TS belongs to Paramount/Pet Fly.  NCIS belongs to Paramount/Belisarius.

Laud and Tarnish -- TS/NCIS crossover


A perfunctory wave of their NCIS badges got them past the yellow tape separating the command post from the already growing crowd of nosy civilians and reporters with min-cams outside the bank.  Gibbs’ glowering stare of death scattered any remaining officials that tried to stop the team from reaching the person in charge of the scene.

Tony shared a grim smile with Ziva and McGee as Gibbs stopped next to a man in FBI agent jacket and proceeded to ask (or perhaps demand nicely would better describe his tone) for information on the situation.  Turning his attention to the fed’s support people, Tony eyed the IT van parked a few car lengths’ away.  “McGee, you friendly with any of the FBI geeks?”  No response.  He looked back to his teammates to find Ziva watching McGee watch the bank.  “McGee...  Tim!” 

McGee jerked and returned his attention to Tony.  “I...”

Sometimes he forgot that even with all the grooming Tony had done to “toughen up” his probie, McGee still faltered sometimes when it came to separating personal from professional, at least when the two areas got intertwined -- such as Abby ending up in a bank robbery.  He clapped a hand on McGee’s shoulder, squeezing it.

“Abby is strong, McGee.”  Ziva touched his arm.  “She will know we are here.”

Taking a breath and visibly forcing himself to focus, McGee nodded.  “I know.  You were saying something about geeks, Tony?”

“That I did.”  He released McGee and gestured behind him.  “Do you know any of the FBI geeks that might share any intel?”

McGee pursed his lips in thought.  “I know some of their names...”  Then he smiled.  “But I can think of something better.  Some of them probably know Abby.”

“Good idea.”  Gibbs was suddenly there, along with another man.  “This is Agent Larssen.  My team, Agents DiNozzo and McGee, and Officer David.”

“What is the situation?”  Ziva spoke, impatience filling her tone.

Larssen replied in tense sentences.  “Mostly unknown.  Four bank robbers, all masked and armed.  We’ve tried calling in, but they won’t answer the bank line.  Security cameras are nonfunctional.  We have snipers set up but they haven’t been able to see much.”  He gestured to his car behind him where a solemn-faced young woman in headphones stood holding equipment directed to the bank entrance.  “Also have the parabolic mic working and are picking up snatches of conversations, mostly--”

The woman twitched and called out, “Sir.  Gunshot from inside the bank.”

Larssen swore and headed back to his command post.

All eyes swivelled to the bank for a moment, then Gibbs motioned to the IT van, “McGee.”

“Find a way to see inside.  Got it.”  McGee jogged off to the van.

“DiNozzo, stay here and...”

“...and hear what I can hear.”  Leaving Gibbs and Ziva to discuss rifles and gun sights, Tony walked over to the techie woman and smiled.  “Hi. I’m Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.  Do you have a spare pair of--”

She held up another set of headphones without even looking at him, her other hand taking quick notes as she listened intently.

“Thanks.”  Slipping on the headphones, Tony closed his eyes reflexively to concentrate as the voices wobbled toward him through the parabolic mic.

“...vie, no!”




“...oh, no...a kid...”



>>gun clicks<<



“Not interested.”





“...shut him...”





>>gun clicks<<


The voice wasn’t familiar, but he would recognize that particular command tone anywhere.

“...a cop...?”

“...let him...behind one...die...”



Tony’s eyes popped open -- that was Abby!

“...should kill...”


“...why...can’t control...the one...”









Both Tony and the woman yanked the headphones off as the gun blasts cranked through the mic, sending the volume into painful squeals of feedback.  “Ah!”  He shook  his head and rubbed at his ears, trying to disperse the echoes.  A moment later, Tony realized he wasn’t hearing echoes but actual gunfire and screams without the benefit of the mic.

His line of sight settled on the bank just as the doors burst open.



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