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Fic: Laud and Tarnish 7/?

More fic ... finally.  It's a long weekend so I had some time to ponder and write.  :-)  Even if it is 2:30am...


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Disclaimers: TS belongs to Paramount/Pet Fly.  NCIS belongs to Paramount/Belisarius.

Laud and Tarnish -- TS/NCIS crossover


“Half an hour.  Okay..."

Standing behind his desk in the bullpen, Gibbs kept his eyes glued to his senior agent’s as he listened to Abby’s voice on the speakerphone.  The instant she’d overrode his demand for her presence by using his first name, all discussion or thought about their current caseload had ceased.  Tony and Ziva had planted themselves in front of his desk and McGee had dumped whatever he’d been working on to access the GPS locator in Abby’s phone.

“...Love you too, Leroy.”

He opened his mouth to say something else but knew someone had to be listening for Abby to be so ... precise.  Even in brief conversations, Abby had a tendency to ramble.  The lack of rambling and the use of ‘Leroy’ meant unfriendly ears. 

As a result, there was nothing he could safely say.  Instead, he gave Abby a soft sound of affirmation.  And then forced himself to disconnect the call.

Tony spoke after a moment’s silence, the lower pitch of voice indicating his concern.  “She called you Leroy.  Twice.”

“She did not sound ‘fine’,” Ziva added.  “Something is wrong.”

Gibbs didn’t bother responding to either statement.  He looked past them to McGee who was still poking at his keyboard in an apparently purposeful pattern.  “McGee.”

“She’s still at the bank.  Hasn’t moved.  She--  Oh.”  He stopped and frowned, hit a few more keys, then looked up at Gibbs.  “Her phone was just turned off.”

Jaw tense as he held in his frustration, Gibbs yanked open his desk drawer and grabbed his badge and sidearm, sending Tony and Ziva back to their desks to collect theirs in response.  “What bank?”  Their current case would just have to wait.

“Potomac First National.”  McGee stood up as he typed a few more keys to bring up a quick map.  “The main branch.”

Before Gibbs could say anything, Tony had his cellphone out and was dialing up his contact in the local PD to request information on the situation even as he slid his gun in its holster.  Gibbs heard the ding of the elevator arriving and was about to call out for it to be held when Palmer pushed his way through the barely-open doors, rushing toward the team, nearly mowing down Ziva as she stepped out from her desk.

“Sorry, sorry.  Agent Gibbs!  Channel 3!”

Gibbs turned back towards the plasma just as McGee, responding to Palmer’s frantic voice, tuned in to the local news channel.  The image resolved itself to a not-so-terribly-steady shot of the front of the Potomac First National with the voiceover of a newswoman: “This clip was taken just minutes ago by a passerby with a cellphone.”  The clip showed four men in black, all armed, entering the bank.  Distant gunfire followed.  The image changed to a newscamera image of the bank being cordoned off by police cards.

Tony slapped his phone shut and stepped over to join the others in front of the plasma.  “Local LEO’s confirmed the silent alarm, and as you can see, they have moved in.  Estimates of those inside range from 20-40, counting all employees and customers, including several small children.  Closed circuit cameras went down with the alarm.”

Ziva pursed her lips.  “Not a simple bank robbery then.”

Palmer jabbed a finger at the screen where the camera panned over the full parking lot.  “Isn’t that Abby’s car?”

Gibbs nodded.  “Yeah, it is.  She’s inside, we know.”  He turned toward the elevators, the team following without any prompting. 

Tony paused just for a moment in the scramble, letting Ziva and McGee hurry past him after Gibbs.  “Jimmy...”

Palmer waved a hand at him.  “I’ll call Dr. Mallard, Tony.  Go!”

Slapping the younger man’s shoulder in thanks, Tony jogged to elevator and slid through the doors as they closed.  Palmer studied the news footage for a moment longer, then sighed heavily and pulled his cellphone from his pocket.  The call was answered after the first two rings.  “Dr. Mallard?  It’s Jimmy ... Yes, I know.  I’m sorry. ...  There’s something you need to know...”



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