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Fic: Laud and Tarnish prologue

Ooh, Becky writes!  It's been, uh, a *very* long time.  This particular fic has been percolating in my brain for awhile and I finally decided to let some of it out.  We'll see if it gets anywhere.  It's untitled at the moment and this is all I have written out though some others scenes are floating around somewhere.  I am so *very* out of practice in writing, so this is very rough, not at all what I'm used to seeing myself write.  But then writing is like anything else -- use it or lose it.

Oh, it's a TS/NCIS crossover.  Or at least it has plans to be so.


Disclaimers: TS belongs to Paramount/Pet Fly.  NCIS belongs to Paramount/Belisarius.

Laud and Tarnish -- TS/NCIS crossover


Just to prove his contrary nature, the most recent memories spilled into him first, jumbled puzzle pieces with no smooth edges.


More gunshots.  Loud voices.  Yelling.  Screaming.  Gunshots.  A woman nearby.  His name.

Too many, too much.  Hands touching him.  Heavy weight compressing his ribs.  Hard to breathe.


His name.

Falling.  Screams.

His partner shouts.  His name.

Sharp.  Hurt.  Thud.  Click.


Images scrolled past faster, continuing the trek backwards in time, before coming to a shuddering stop at the beginning.  Or at least two commercial breaks past the true beginning.  After the end of a grueling weeks-long investigation involving missing, abused, and dead children and finally identifying, locating, and nailing the ... not even his partner could find a word for the man ... monster ... responsible, who would now never hurt another child or anyone else ever again.  After arriving home, drained emotionally and physically, both pushed far beyond their normal limits. 

After barely stepping through the doorway and staring blankly at the blinking message light (“you have 5 new messages”) and the ringing receiver.

After the phone call.

After those first shell-shocked hours of grief.  After the meeting with the lawyer and reading of the will.  After the frantic rearranging of schedules and booking two monstrously expensive plane tickets from Cascade  to Baltimore.  Just past the equally monstrously long flight filled with several connections and rude fellow passengers, and finally landing and deplaning, more traveling by car, and another meeting with another lawyer before collapsing in their room at an overpriced but thankfully quiet hotel.

After jagged pieces of sleep intertwined with nightmares skipping between them.

The film reel jerked to a start again, finally moving forward in normal time.  Act III.  A corner piece.  The bank.


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